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More Barbie Coloring Pages

Here is even more great Barbie Coloring Pages for your kids to have fun with. Hey, did you know that Barbies full name is actually Barbie Millicent Roberts? I always thought she had one name like Madonna! Barbie is a qualified Astronaut as well as a qualified Airline Pilot – where does she find the time to do all that studying needed? She really is a wonder woman, so it is no surprise that she has endured for so long.

These really are great Barbie Coloring Pages and we hope you and your kids enjoy working on them.It’s very easy to print these out. Browse the thumbnails and once you have made your selection(s), just left click on each and the full larger version will open up. Then just print them out as you would anything else. Then, hit back on your browser to get some more! Let us know if you would like some more pages like this!


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