Tigger Coloring Pages

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Tigger Coloring Pages

These Tigger Coloring Pages are sure to be popular with fans of this high energy and wacky character. Probably Winnie the Poohs best friend and fellow member of the Super Sleuths, Tigger is a really popular guy with a cult following.

Need Instructions? Check under the thumbnails for a guide.

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tigger coloring pages 1
tigger coloring pages 2
tigger coloring pages 3
tigger coloring pages 4
tigger coloring pages 5
tigger coloring pages 6
tigger coloring pages 7
tigger coloring pages 8
tigger coloring pages 9


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How to download –

To start with, just browse the tigger Coloring Pages thumbnails. Ok, now you know what you would like, click on each you have chosen.

You can then see the bigger version of the coloring page. The coloring page is now ready for printing out. Just use the same method to print as you would anything else on your pc. At the top left of your browser you should see the “File” option. Select this.

A small menu will open with “Print” on it about halfway down usually. Click on “Print”. Hopefully you are in familiar territory now and can finish the process yourself. If not, ask the usual computer user in your home for advice.

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